Talk/Debate: Is there more to “spirituality” than just religion?

Edinburgh Secular Society’s next monthly talk is scheduled for Sunday, 26th April at 2pm

Talk/Debate:  Is there more to “spirituality” than just religion?

Speakers: Two speakers, Neil Barber and John Macintyre, will lead in a talk/debate entitled:

Is there more to “spirituality” than just religion?

Neil Barber is a graduate in philosophy from Edinburgh University. He is a professional songwriter, voice-over artist and kids’ music tutor but is better known to members as The Communications Officer for ESS.

In this capacity he appears regularly on television and radio and is a regular writer of letters and articles on secular issues for the local and national press. He will argue that: “there is a spiritual dimension to life…just not a religious one.”

Addressing this issue and explaining a bit more about Paganism is John Macintyre

John is a former President of the Pagan Federation, former Presiding Officer of the Scottish Pagan Federation and has been its national Interfaith Officer since 1994.

This should be a fascinating talk/debate on the subject of ‘spirituality’. The term ‘spirituality’ is now being promoted by the state in a number of its institutions, such as in schools during religious observance events and within the NHS in relation to a duty to provide ‘spiritual care’ to all its patients and staff.

All welcome both members and non-members

Venue: Royal Over-seas League

Address: 100 Princes Street, Edinburgh

Time: 2pm

Date: Sunday, 26th April 2015

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