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Lack of faith in the Kirk

Edinburgh Secular Society Treasurer Steuart Campbell writes an excellent letter in The Scotsman regarding the lack of religious faith of some members of the Kirk.

View online here.

Prof. Norman Bonney writes in the Scotsman

Prof. Bonney points out the glaring undemocratic privilege of compulsory unelected religious representatives to the Church of Scotland’s Sandy Fraser.


Letters from the Scotsman

An interesting set of letters in the Scotsman discussing Edinburgh Secular Society’s decision to publish a list of unelected religious reps in Scotland.


Support for Edinburgh Secular Society from the Scotsman

An interesting piece from Hugh Reilly at the Scotsman, very supportive of the ESS position on Education Committee Reps.

Edinburgh Secular Society is delighted that this contentious issue is finally being given due consideration.


Media Officer supports change to Girl Guides’ promise in Scotsman


Guiding light

Published on 21/06/2013 00:00

I was delighted to hear that the Guides Association has changed its spoken promise so as to emerge from the dusty and exclusive Christian organisation it has been for generations.

With the Guides really being the only group of their sort I’m pleased we seem to have overcome the preposterous “They can join their own atheist Guides if they don’t like it !” argument.

I very much hope the Scouts will catch up soon.

Neil Barber

Edinburgh Secular 

View online here.