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Remove crosses from Mortonhall Crematorium

I hope that the City of Edinburgh Council will take the opportunity 
another two months of repairs offers (Your report 14 January) to remove 
the crosses that loom over both chapels (they need to be covered with a 
curtain for non-religious funerals).
    The Crematorium is a secular building and should not appear to be 
supporting one particular religious faith--Christianity. Only a minority 
are now Christians and most Scots have no religion. That should be 
reflected in the appearance of the chapels.

Steuart Campbell – Secretary – Edinburgh Secular Society
Published Edinburgh Evening News 18 January 2017


Edinburgh Secular Society publish updated Religious Reps data

View data here.

Edinburgh Secular Society has updated its published list of Religious Representatives.  This includes the details of another 5 un-elected reps, bringing the total to 96.

These religious reps are full members of their respective Education Committees, and entitled to full voting rights and expenses.

Edinburgh Secular Society has chosen to publish this data for two reasons, firstly, as these representatives hold a public office, it is only fair that the people know who they are.  Secondly, Edinburgh Secular Society wants to draw the attention of the public at large to this undemocratic religious privilege.

Support for Edinburgh Secular Society from the Scotsman

An interesting piece from Hugh Reilly at the Scotsman, very supportive of the ESS position on Education Committee Reps.

Edinburgh Secular Society is delighted that this contentious issue is finally being given due consideration.