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ESS Letter: May’s faith school ruling is beyond belief.

We were appalled to hear that Theresa May’s UK government is soon to allow English schools run by faith groups but funded by tax payers to select ALL of their students on the basis of the religious beliefs of their parents.


Having said that it is “unacceptable” for schools to “promote discrimination against people or groups on the basis of their belief, opinion or background” it is twisted thinking now to facilitate exactly that.

What right do religious groups have to take tax payers’ money for this self-promotion and what mandate does the entirely un-elected Mrs May have to make such draconian changes to the English education system ?

Neil Barber – Communications Officer – Edinburgh Secular Society

Published Edinburgh Evening News 15th September 2016


Failure of Scottish Parliament to use its existing powers to end, or even debate, religious segregation in Scottish state schools


Amidst all the debate about adding powers to the existing extensive range already held by the Scottish Parliament it is salutary to note that it has not used the powers that it has had in its fifteen years of existence to consider change in, or even debate, the divided system of state primary and secondary schools in Scotland that separates a minority  of Roman Catholic schools from the great majority of misnamed ‘non-denominational’ schools that are actually Protestant and which allow Church of Scotland and other Protestant denominations access to the pupils for ‘religious observance’ and related activities.

The Scottish Parliament has even consented in, without debate or challenge, the ‘guidance’ which the Scottish Government has issued for the conduct of religious observance in state funded schools.

Parliaments are supposed to hold Governments to account. There is no sign of this in relation to religious aspects of state education in Scotland.

Could there be some relationship between this ostrich like ‘head in the sand’ attitude of the Scottish Parliament and Scottish Government and the continuation of problematic aspects of religious sectarianism that continue to be manifest in Scotland?

The Christian ‘missionaries’ at work in our schools–Sunday Herald



Edinburgh Secular Society’s research into evangelical Christian groups targeting the country’s schools has been recognised in this article by Sunday Herald.

Edinburgh Secular Society believes that there is compelling evidence that Scotland’s non-denominational schools are being turned into de facto state-funded Christian faith schools.  You can view the article online, or below:

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