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Debate: Morality

Gary McLelland, Chair Edinburgh Secular Society, debated with Richard Lucas, Member of SOLAS Centre for Pubic Christianity.

Gary outlined a view of morality, which does not come from a position of religious faith.  Gary showed that, by adopting a secular perspective, people of religious faith, and non-religious people can work together on issues of morality, working together to reduce harm.

You can hear a subsequent interview with Gary McLelland & Richard Lucas after the debate at The Pod Delusion (28m44s).

Debate: Biblical Morality – Ultimate Wisdom or Outdated and Dangerous


On Wednesday 21st August, Edinburgh Secular Society Chair, Gary McLelland will debate with leading Christian evangelical from SOLAS, Richard Lucas.

The event will take place at Charlote Chapel at 7pm. Free and unticketed.

The event will be available on Youtube shortly afterwards.