Scotland’s largest religious minority seeks to staunch the loss of public support–a half of Scots now declare no religion

The Church of Scotland has launched a campaign to try to staunch its widespread loss of public support. In the 2001 census 42 per cent of Scots said that they identified with the Church of Scotland and 65 per cent said that they were Christian. In 2011 only 32 per cent said they were adherents to the Church of Scotland and 54 per cent said that they were Christian.

If these trends have continued, as is likely, less than 30 per cent of Scots could now be said to be adherents of the Church of Scotland at the present time and half, at most, are Christian.

The 2014 British Election Survey indicates that only 45 per cent of Scots now declare that they are affiliated with Christian churches and 50 per cent declare no religion. On the basis of these figures only about one in four Scots could be said now to identify with the Church of Scotland

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ESS Press and Communications Officer Neil Barber comments on the Church of Scotland campaign on BBC Scotland Morning Call on 4 December 2014. The debate starts at 3.30 for the first hour with Neil prominent at 31 minutes at

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