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The Public Petitions Committee and Prayers in Scottish Schools

In an earlier post I queried whether the petition to change the basis of prayers in schools from ‘opt-out’ to ‘opt-in’ would receive a fair hearing, given that a majority of the Scottish Parliament’s Public Petitions Committee are declared Christians. However, as suggested by the petitioner in response to my post, the Committee has risen to the task and put aside any such predilections to request that the Scottish Government give its response to the Committee to the numerous points raised in evidence for and against the proposed change.

For the first time since the establishment of the Parliament in 1999 the Scottish Government and the Scottish Parliament are now required to undertake a thorough review of the laws and regulations that govern religious observance in Scottish schools which were inherited from the UK Westminster Parliament.  About time too. What has the Scottish Parliament been doing for the last 14 years?

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