Protestant/Catholic divisions emerging over Scottish independence referendum

There are apparent signs of an emerging and widening Protestant/Catholic religious divide in Scotland in the independence debate.

Two days after the publication of the SNP Scottish Government’s ‘White Paper’ on its independence plans the Moderator of the Church of Scotland prominently dined with UK Government Scotland Office ministers in London.

The Church of Scotland is seeking to retain its current religious privileges in a possibly independent Scotland but in its White Paper the Scottish Government stated that it planned initially to retain the Protestant monarchy but that it would seek to remove the current discriminatory religious rules which have been the basis of the Scottish and UK monarchy for over three centuries.

As previously reported the Roman Catholic Church in Scotland signalled its support for the SNP Scottish Government’s independence agenda by holding the inauguration ceremony of the newly Vatican appointed Archbishop of Edinburgh and St Andrews on the morning of Saturday 21 September  2013 on the same day and in the same city of Edinburgh that was later the scene of a major rally in support of Scottish independence. 

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