Plea to end religious sectarianism surrounding the monarchy

ESS Honorary President Professor Norman Bonney has written to the Secretary of State for Scotland, Alistair Carmichael MP, suggesting the legislation that will enhance the powers of the Scottish Parliament should also include provision for the deletion of sections from the Acts of Union of 1707 that require a new monarch immediately, at accession, to swear to ‘maintain and preserve the True Protestant religion and the Presbyterian form of church government in Scotland’.

Prof Bonney stated that such an anachronistic provision was totally out of character with the contemporary attitudes and official policies that sought to moderate religious antagonisms between Christian denominations in Scotland. The next monarch, he said, should lead by example.

Details of the current legal requirements dating from 1707 and earlier are to be found in Professor Norman Bonney’s ‘Monarchy, religion and the state’. Manchester University Press 2013, at this link

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