Over 1500 petitioners kept waiting until next year by Education Secretary Mike Russell

Over 1500 petitioners to the Scottish Parliament who are wanting to change the way prayers are conducted in Scottish schools will have to wait until next year to hear the views of Cabinet Education Secretary Mike Russell.

The petition was lodged on 20 June 2013. On 12 November the Public Petitions Committee agreed to obtain the views of Scottish Government on the public comments that had been received on the petition. The Minister’s response is not on the agenda of the Committee for the meeting of 10 December.

Petitioners and others will be keen to hear the Scottish Government’s views on submissions such as that of the Scottish Council of Jewish Communities which finds current practices insufficiently inclusive, the Scottish Parent Teachers Council which urges an end to compulsory school prayers, and the Scottish Secular Society which documents extensive inadequacies in current opt-out provisions.

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