North Berwick High School pupils unhappy at ‘Christian’ assemblies


HUNDREDS of pupils at North Berwick High School have signed a petition demanding an end to Christian assemblies in the school.

The move comes after some students raised concerns regarding the claim that no other religions were represented at school assemblies, saying they should either all feature, or be scrapped completely.

One student involved in the petition told the Courier: “Students feel the assemblies are out of touch with the views of today’s society and young people.

“Christianity features already in our RME (Religious and Moral Education) studies, along with other religions, why is it then included in assemblies?

“It is discriminatory and outdated. Either all religions should be equally represented or none at all.”

The petition was circulated in the school last week and within three days had been signed by 334 pupils. The school roll has 953 pupils on it, however the current number falls at the end of the year as school leavers depart and they await the influx of the new first year.

The petition said “By signing this petition you, as a North Berwick pupil, are agreeing that there should either be no religious influence (in assemblies, other events) in school or that all religious denominations should be represented, and that it is inappropriate for only one religion (Christianity) to be advocated, in particular the assemblies led by members of the Christian church.”…… more

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