Neil Barber, ESS Media Officer, writes in the Edinburgh Evening News


Let’s pray churches act with some grace

I AM pleased that Edinburgh Secular Society and Humanist Society Scotland have this week launched a campaign to ask for a rethink on unelected religious representatives on council education committees.

The church has not run our non-denominational schools since 1872. There is no mandate for it to retain this back door key in what it seems to feel is some sort of honorary position given for its “service” to society.

There is much discussion these days of religious issues in schools such as the difference between the important religious education and the evangelising excesses of religious observance.

Public faith in our councils will be shaken if these concerns are handled by education committees packed with undemocratic religious nominees.

I hope the church will act with grace to help end this theocratic anachronism.

Neil Barber, Edinburgh Secular Society, Edinburgh

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