Neil Barber, ESS Media Officer has published a letter in today Scotsman

Better prepared

Published on 05/12/2012 00:00

It would seem that the Scouts are to consult on removing the religious oath required for membership (your report, 4 December). As a well-loved community institution, the Scouts should be open to all, so this would be a welcome move, especially among the two thirds of young people who profess no religious beliefs. It is certainly better than the current deeply divisive and sectarian system, whereby forcing the inclusion of religion has led to separate 
Muslim, Sikh, Hindu and even Catholic Scout groups.

It would be a shame indeed if, like the Church of England in its rejection of women bishops, the religious stewardship of the Scouts make them appear woefully out of touch with the society they claim to serve.

Neil Barber

Edinburgh Secular Society

Saughtonhall Drive


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