Media Officer Neil Barber writes the first official letter from the ESS in the Scotsman


Compassion over dogma

Published on 05/11/2012 00:00


I WAS pleased to read about a fresh launch of Margo MacDonald’s assisted dying bill.

To be the judge of one’s own quality of life is a liberating and humane right. I imagine that much anxiety about death is fear of pain or indignity at the end. So, if that spectre were to be banished, people might look forward to their remaining time with joy.

I am in full agreement with the Rev Scott McKenna, quoted in your report as saying: “I hope that compassion will triumph over religious dogma.”

While all views must be heard, the misplaced and potentially cruel notion promoted by some religious people that we as individuals do not have absolute dominion over our own bodies and lives should not be allowed to seep unchallenged into public morality.

Neil Barber

Edinburgh Secular Society

Saughtonhall Drive

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