Faith healing in Scotland

The following examples show the extent to which faith healing continues to put lives at risk in Scotland

“We regularly see people being healed, sometimes instantly and sometimes over a period of time. In Scotland, amongst other things, we have seen people healed from damaged liver, back pain, depression and allergies; and Healing Rooms around the world have documented cases of healing from HIV, various cancers and other ‘incurable’ conditions.”

“Cancerous lesion falls off!

I came to Kinross Healing Rooms for prayer for a cancerous lesion on my right eyelid some weeks ago. Meanwhile I had appointments to see an Eye Consultant and a date for an operation to cut out the lesion. When I saw the Consultant I spoke to him about having prayer to heal the lesion. He accepted what I said and advised me to cancel the operation if the lesion is healed! The lesion actually got worse which challenged me greatly. But I felt I had to keep declaring that God was going to remove it. It took the whole day of choosing to believe that God does heal. The next day the lesion came off as I was having a bath….Praise God! I was then able to cancel the operation.”

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