ESS response to Government Minister’s claim about Secularism


Stephen Crabb, the Welsh secretary has claimed that  “hard-edged” secularism in Britain is partly to blame for “aiding and abetting” extremism, as “mainstream religion is marginalised in public life.”

We wonder if Mr Crabb (a Christian who voted against marriage equality) would welcome Imams in the House of lords or is it just his own religion he wants privileged in public life ?

As good people of all faiths work to de-literalise their holy books we still hear of Christian terrorism where American doctors are attacked or killed for performing abortions as part of their job yet we seldom hear their actions being condemned as non-Christian. Much of the nasty stuff so literally espoused by Daesh is found in the old testament of the Bible which is shared by all Abrahamic believers.

Maybe the answer to extremism is not to have more “mainstream” religion but to unpick all of our religiously based moral shortcuts and that begins at home.

Neil Barber

Edinburgh Secular Society

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