ESS response to Edinburgh Evening News letter defending Prime Minister’s ‘Christian Country’ claim


In his letter Gus Logan coins the sophomoric argument that an inability to disprove god’s existence makes non-belief a comparable faith position (Edinburgh Evening News 31st Dec.)

We can’t disprove the existence of fairies either but that doesn’t mean it’s 50/50. It is incumbent on he who is suggesting the existence of an invisible supernatural being to present the evidence.

He claims that my objection to The Prime Minister, a public servant, using his platform to promote his personal religious views means I must be an atheist, for who other than an atheist would object to the imposition of Christianity throughout all of our society?

He cites David Hume with whom I do have something in common in that I studied philosophy at Edinburgh University and have Christian friends.

None of them have ever insisted that their world view should be the default position of the state.

Neil Barber – Communications Officer Edinburgh Secular Society

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