ESS proposes low cost method for city referendum on religious observance in Edinburgh schools

Faced with an estimated cost of £500,000 to £600,000 to conduct a stand alone city wide referendum ballot of Edinburgh electors on a proposal to discontinue religious observance in the city’s non-denominational schools ESS has proposed to the City Council that the referendum be conducted alongside the city council elections in May 2017.

This proposal would considerably reduce the cost of the referendum and provide electors with an opportunity to decide a hotly contested issue on the local scene.

ESS supports the petition launched by ESS member Veronica Wikman to have such a ballot under the provisions of the Education (Scotland) Act of 1980. The petition hearing has led to City of Edinburgh Council Education officers conducting a review of current religious observance practices in city schools but this work has demonstrated the inherent difficulties of Scottish and local government attempting to regulate religious practices in our city schools.

For a review of the progress of the petition for a referendum visit 


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