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Church in school

Published on 13/04/2013 00:00

What other reason, if not to express the societal equivalent of territorial marking, and the opportunity to scatter leaflets around the school, can there be if the congregation of a church must use a publicly funded school, despite the fact that they already have a fully functioning church building at their disposal nearby (Letters, 12 April)?

Why should I as a tax payer be forced indirectly to support the anti-equality leanings of this church, one of the signatories of a protest letter against the same sex-marriage bill?

I have no doubt that Mr 
Lucas’s appalling insinuation that my involvement in the campaign to remove religious observance from non-denominational schools should be motivated by religious hostility will be regarded as being just as ludicrous to the Christians and Muslims I count among my friends and acquaintances, as it is to me.

In the absence of valid arguments it would appear that Mr Lucas has chosen to go down the route of personal attack. I find this as deplorable and tiresome as I find his continued slurs against secularism.

Should he wish to enlighten his mind about secularism, he might find a visit to the websites of the Edinburgh Secular Society and the National Secular Society of interest.

Veronica Wikman

Malleny Avenue


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