ESS Media Officer, Neil Barber has a letter published in the Herald

Open discussion by all lies at the centre of religious belief

I am incredulous of Isobel Watt’s suggestion that 16 years of “them and us” schooling has no impact on levels of adult sectarianism (Letters, June 17). To separate children according to the religious beliefs of their parents and then congratulate yourself for claiming to teach tolerance of the other is perverse.

She talks of the ethos of Catholic schools. Certainly any institution dominated by a disciplinarian, monolithic ideology will produce exam results, but is it a broader education? The exam success of schools quickly becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy as parents who take education seriously will move heaven and earth to get their kids into a school perceived to be high-achieving.

There is no evidence of a causal connection between supernatural beliefs and the efficacy of a school. Why would there be? A strong ethos of sport or music would similarly focus minds.

Neil Barber,

Edinburgh Secular Society,

Saughtonhall Drive, Edinburgh.

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