ESS Media Officer Neil Barber, and ESS member & NSS Council Memeber Prof. Bonney both write excellent letters in the Scotsman concerning the Church of England’s decision not to appoint female Bishops.

Boot out bishops

Published on 22/11/2012 00:00


The embarrassment that is the Church of England is not just a matter for England.


Tuesday’s decision of the Church of England Synod means that bishops, who in the House of Lords make laws for Scotland, continue to be exclusively male.

The UK Parliament has the power to disestablish the Church and remove its archaic status in the national life of the United Kingdom.

Scottish and English MPs should act now to exclude bishops from the House of Lords and end Anglican prayers in the houses of the UK Parliament.

Norman Bonney

Palmerston Place



It was sad to see the Church of England’s rejection of women bishops despite the efforts of some.

In this the Church loses much moral authority. It has diminished credibility when it presumes to pronounce on other issues and is out of touch with the society it claims to serve.

Church people must of course be allowed to handle their 
affairs in their own way but they increasingly speak only for themselves.

We must disestablish the Church and set it loose to find its own anachronistic future.

Neil Barber

Saughtonhall Drive


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