ESS Letter: Reply to Gus Logan’s attack on secularists


In his letter (10th Feb) Gus Logan quite rightly distinguishes between atheists and secularists, but is concerned about where he feels the lines become blurred.

Yes Edinburgh Secular Society is opposed to unelected clerics from one minority religion sitting in The House of Lords but this is not an atheist view. It is understandably shared by other minority religious groups.

Mr. Logan unfairly accuses us of denying Christians “the freedom to try to attract new members.” Not so. All intellectually mature adults must be free to worship as they choose. It was not secularists who refused the Christian ad in cinemas but Digital Cinema Media’s policy on having no political or religious advertising.

It would be vindictive and gratuitous to attack someone’s private faith but religious belief is an individual choice and not one which should be foisted on everyone else.

Neil Barber – Communication Officer – Edinburgh Secular Society

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