ESS Letter: Time to end religious privilege in Scotland

Relgious Privilege

With the most recent Scottish Social Attitudes survey showing that 52% of Scots are not religious it is official that Scotland is NOT a “Christian country.”

It must now be time to rethink the anachronistic advantages this particular religion enjoys: unelected representatives on local education committees, open-door access to the developing minds of state school children, taxpayers’ money given to “faith schools”, automatic stewardship of civic ceremonies, annual pageants proclaiming their affiliation with our judiciary. The list goes on.

As secularists we feel no schadenfreude at this predictable decline as all are entitled to their beliefs, but Christianity is now only a subset of a minority.

The state’s duty is to protect the right to private religious belief and not to privilege it.

Neil Barber – Communications Officer – Edinburgh Secular Society

Published in Glasgow Herald 6th April 2016

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