ESS letter: Religious views given undue privilege

In his letter (6th Nov) John Coutts quite rightly defends the right to hold moral views informed by religious beliefs.

The problems start when religious views are given undue privilege such as unelected seats on local education committees and in The House of Lords.

Secularists object when the law is suspended to tiptoe around religious sensibilities: animal cruelty laws are trumped by the horrors of halal meat production; equality legislation is powerless when it comes to employment in tax-funded faith schools or discrimination against gay people because of who they are and police investigating Catholic child abuse are told “We’ll sort it ourselves.”

All ideological groups have their beliefs but it is only Christians who have statutory access to state school children.

The religious are free to hold and indeed to promote their views as long as it is from the same platform as everyone else.

That is Secularism.

Neil Barber

Edinburgh Secular Society

Published Scotsman newspaper  7th Nov 2015.

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