ESS Letter: Science v Religion


Peter Kearney’s grasp of science is evidently as slender as his understanding of the real origin of Christianity and the Nativity stories (‘New findings about light and mass suggest that science is not the rock some say it is’, Friends of the Scotsman, 10 February).

Mr Kearney seems excited by the idea (perhaps announced as I write) that gravitational waves have been detected and believes that this would overthrow Newton’s law of gravity.

Too late! That was overthrown 100 years ago by Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity. If gravitational waves are detected, that would merely be a confirmation of the Theory. It would not shake the foundations of science, nor will it be evidence of the work of a Creator.

Science explores the universe and tries to explain it, usually successfully. Religion explains nothing; it only obscures our view of the universe with mysticism.

Steuart Campbell – Secretary – Edinburgh Secular Society

Published in Scotsman newspaper 12th Feb 2016

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