ESS letter published in response to Alex Salmond’s ‘backtracking’

Back-tracking from his strange and divisive statement that he “prefers people of faith to people of no faith or people who have lost their faith”, Alex Salmond has now said that he “prefers people who are able to believe in something rather than believe in nothing” and, “what exactly is it that they fear about religious faith which makes them so sensitive?”

Mr Salmond can be assured that moral integrity, community spirit and faith in humanity are entirely possible without any sort of religious belief.

Secularists, whether religious or not have no “fear” of religious belief. We have the greatest of respect for private viewpoints but we oppose the privileges enjoyed by Christianity in Scotland: unelected seats on education committees; access to the developing minds of children in state schools and claims to exemption from equality and employment laws which apply to everyone else.

Mr Salmond is free to break bread with any sub-group he chooses but he should expect criticism when someone of his public profile uses his platform further to promote his personal religious preferences and to discriminate against half of all Scots.

Neil Barber

Edinburgh Secular Society

Letter published in Edinburgh Evening News  – Wednesday 9th September 2015.

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