ESS Letter in Evening News – Response to Editor of Catholic Truth

ESS Communications Officer’s letter responding to criticism of secularists from the Editor of Catholic Truth was published in the Edinburgh Evening News 6th July 2015.

“We are not sure why Patricia McKeever, Editor of Catholic Truth, criticises secularists in her objection to The Named Person Scheme proposed for children. (letters July 3rd)

Is she drawing a parallel with Catholic Schools?   The state should indeed be careful as to its boundaries in protecting children, especially from their parents, but it will and should step in when appropriate.

We would certainly disagree with Ms McKeever when it comes to children being taught unscientific ideas or discriminatory attitudes as part of their education, but her defence of  “parents who wish to protect their children from being raised by strangers” is entirely reflected in our campaign to remove statutory religious worship from state schools.

We do not give joint custody of our children to religious “strangers” in return for a state education.

Neil Barber

Edinburgh Secular Society

Edinburgh Evening News

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