ESS Letter : Christian faith in public life

Anthony Horan writes on Christian faith in public life.

To his credit he acknowledges that a recent Scottish Social Attitudes survey shows more than half of Scots do not identify with any religion : Christianity is now a subset of a minority.

We agree that all have the “right to a voice in the public square” if it is from a platform of equality, but Mr. Horan’s argument is compromised when he says that religious ideas should be “welcomed without fear or favour.”

There is huge favour still enjoyed by religions : unelected clerics on council education committees; statutory Religious Observance in state school; bishops in The House of Lords etc.

An “overwhelming majority” of Scots may identify as “spiritual” but that does not mean they tacitly endorse the privileging of minority Christian groups.

He says “Faith and belief in a constant and ever-loving God can guide us.” Faith is a “guide” for you Mr Horan, and long may it continue to be, but as one of many voices in the public square you must get over the belief that you speak for “us.”

Published Scotsman newspaper 4th August 2016

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