ESS Letter: Bible-based morality


To its credit the SNP government is to amend gender recognition laws to promote the freedoms and rights of transgender Scots.

This welcome initiative is of course opposed by David Robertson of The Free Church who has blustered about “the destruction of traditional Christian ideas of sexuality and marriage” and how it will mean “the destruction of humanity and cause chaos.”

Religious groups must be free to campaign on any issue so long as it is not from a platform of privilege: we might, for example, support their opposition to poverty or homelessness so we have no right to deny them a voice simply because we might disagree on this occasion.

However if bible-based morality creates ungenerous attitudes of such naivety, intolerance and gracelessness, is it any wonder that the vast majority of Scots aged under-thirty are now having nothing to do with Christianity ?

 Neil Barber – Communications Officer – Edinburgh Secular Society

Published in Edinburgh Evening News 4th April 2016

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