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News Releases

News Release 19-03-14 Religious Reps


Evidence of Evangelical Christian Organisations Targeting & Accessing Scotland’s Non-denominational Schools, Edinburgh Secular Society (2013)

Religious Observance

ESS Response to petition PE1487, Edinburgh Secular society (2013)

Petition Bulletin No 1, Norman Bonney (2013)

Petition Bulletin No2, Norman Bonney (2013)

Petition Bulletin No3, Norman Bonney (2013)

Edinburgh Secular Society – Remove Religious Observance Petition, Edinburgh Secular Society (2013)

Report into the provision of RME and RO in Scotland, Edinburgh Secular Society (2012)

Additional information provided to City of Edinburgh Council by ESS in support of Ms Wikman’s petition, City of Edinburgh Council (2013)

Religious observance in Scottish schools, Edinburgh Secular Society (2012)

Curriculum for Excellence – Provision of Religious Observance in Scottish Schools, Scottish Government (2011)

Consultation on religious observance in Scotland, National Secular Society (2003)

Education Committee Religious Representatives

ESS Submission to Scottish Parliament Public Petitions Committee on PE1498, Edinburgh Secular Society (2014)

ESS petition to Scottish Parliament PE01498, Edinburgh Secular Society (2013)

List of 96 Religious Representatives on Scotland’s 32 Local Authority Education Committees, Edinburgh Secular Society (2013)

Education Resources

Light Dispels Darkness, Church of Scotland (2007)

Critique of Light Dispels Darkness Assembly resource, Veronica Wikman (2013)


Time for Reflection petition NB, Norman Bonney (2014)

Act of Settlement, House of Commons

ESS response to The Scottish Government’s Draft Guidance on Relationships, sexual health and parenthood education, Edinburgh Secular Society (2013)

Church of Scotland internal report, entitled ‘Unless the Lord Builds the House’, which details actual church attendance numbers for each parish in the Edinburgh area during 2010/11, Church of Scotland (2011)

A Chronology of British Secularism, National Secular Society (1957)

Church of Scotland’s Education Committee Workplan 2012/2013, Church of Scotland (2012)







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