Church and State…or not! – Blog by Cllr Paul Edie

Cllr Edie wrote the following blog post, after hearing evidence from Edinburgh Secular Society on the ESS backed campaign to remove RO in non-denominational schools.

“Today, so far, has been about religion. The councils petitions committee has been considering petitions for and against religious observance in non denominational schools.

We had well argued cases on all sides of the divide ranging from the secular society’s view that they should allow religious education, but not observance, even if it included all faiths and humanists, to a very woolly stance taken by the Church of Scotland representative that most of the committee  struggled to understand.

In France and the USA you have political and public traditions which carefully and clearly separate church and state but the UK is not like that. Here there has been a long standing Christian tradition (and indeed a long standing but less voluble humanist tradition too).

The Scottish Parliament has a moment of reflection for all faiths and none bringing in leaders of each community including humanist celebrants  in turn to  speak to MSP’s.

I personally favour that diverse approach.

My memory dredged up one incident relating to religion in schools immortalised by the late Matt McGinn.”

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