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The Christian ‘missionaries’ at work in our schools–Sunday Herald



Edinburgh Secular Society’s research into evangelical Christian groups targeting the country’s schools has been recognised in this article by Sunday Herald.

Edinburgh Secular Society believes that there is compelling evidence that Scotland’s non-denominational schools are being turned into de facto state-funded Christian faith schools.  You can view the article online, or below:

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Religious Clarity: Norman Bonney writes in The Scotsman


The furore in a South Lanarkshire school that has led to the banishment of members of the Church of Christ from the chaplaincy and volunteer roles in the school and the reassignment of the head and deputy head to other duties with the local education authority (your reports) raises numerous issues.

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Prof AC Grayling shares his thoughts on secularism with Edinburgh Secular Society

Edinburgh Secular Society is grateful for AC Grayling’s support.

Kate Smurthwaite shares her thoughts on secularism with Edinburgh Secular Society

We are very grateful to Kate for sharing her thoughts with us.

Maryam Namazie shares her thoughts with Edinburgh Secular Society

We are very grateful to Maryam Namazie, of British Council of Ex-Muslims.

Debate: Morality

Gary McLelland, Chair Edinburgh Secular Society, debated with Richard Lucas, Member of SOLAS Centre for Pubic Christianity.

Gary outlined a view of morality, which does not come from a position of religious faith.  Gary showed that, by adopting a secular perspective, people of religious faith, and non-religious people can work together on issues of morality, working together to reduce harm.

You can hear a subsequent interview with Gary McLelland & Richard Lucas after the debate at The Pod Delusion (28m44s).

Schools Chaplaincy exposed by Edinburgh Secular Society

Times Educational Supplement for Scotland have, after been given exclusive access to a detailed report from Edinburgh Secular Society, run the following article.


The full report represents around one year of research by the Edinburgh Secular Society team.

The full report ‘Evidence of Evangelical Christian Organisations Targeting & Accessing Scotland’s Non-denominational Schools’  will become available in the Documents & Resources section at 4pm.

See the full article below:

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Lack of faith in the Kirk

Edinburgh Secular Society Treasurer Steuart Campbell writes an excellent letter in The Scotsman regarding the lack of religious faith of some members of the Kirk.

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Debate: Biblical Morality – Ultimate Wisdom or Outdated and Dangerous


On Wednesday 21st August, Edinburgh Secular Society Chair, Gary McLelland will debate with leading Christian evangelical from SOLAS, Richard Lucas.

The event will take place at Charlote Chapel at 7pm. Free and unticketed.

The event will be available on Youtube shortly afterwards.

Edinburgh Secular Society featured in the Herald

This interesting column by the Herald’s education editor, Andy Denholm, references Edinburgh Secular Society.

The ESS campaign has enjoyed a lot of press coverage, not surprising given the blatant undemocratic element of compulsory religious reps.

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