1700 petitioners spurned by the Scottish Parliament and Scottish Government

Iranian mullahs guide the state in Iran. Some analogies in Scotland?

On Tuesday 6 May 2014 the Education and Culture Committee of the Scottish Parliament ended consideration of a petition led by Edinburgh Secular Society and supported by 1700 signatories urging that legislation be brought forward to end the practice of three religious voting nominees being added to Scottish local council education committees.

The brief discussion included no reference to a letter from the Equalities and Human Rights Commission that stated that the existing laws needed review in the light of the UK Equality Act 2010 which offers equal protection for religious people and for the non-religious. Members of the Committee with its SNP majority meekly acceded to the inaction on the matter by the Scottish Government with the Convenor, Stewart Maxwell, SNP MSP, saying there was no point in taking action because the Scottish Government had decided not to act.

What a weak apology for a legislature! The Committee did not entertain any discussion of Equality and Human Rights Commission’s letter which challenges the legal basis of the current arrangements and did not even consider summoning and interrogating  the responsible Scottish Government minister, Mike Russell, to investigate his reasons for not following the suggestions in the letter,

Scotland and the petitioners need better practice than this if representative democracy is to thrive under the present constitutional arrangements or any future ones.

END rule by Scotland’s mullahs!

ESS will continue to pursue this campaign by other democratic means. Scotland’s education committees do not need mullahs to check on the work of their elected council members.

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